6 things to work on with your preschooler before kindergarten

6 Things to Work on with your Preschooler before Kindergarten

August 17, 2016 in Family

Kindergarten used to be the building block preparing kids for school. They used to come to Kindergarten ready to learn their numbers and alphabet, but now; Kindergarten is much more. Before Kindergarten, kids are expected to already know most of their letters, how to write their name, and much more. By the time a child leaves Kindergarten, they will already know how to read lower level books! So, what can you do to prepare your preschooler for a great start at Kindergarten? Here are 6 things to work on with your preschooler before Kindergarten:

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Fresh No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

Summer Fresh No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

July 5, 2016 in Sweets & Treats

Well Hello Summer! Wow has the heat sure turned up the past few weeks, it has us craving some ice-cold treats! Ice cream is to summer as hot chocolate is to winter, the creamy coolness of ice cream has a delicious way of taking the edge of the hot outdoor air.  We love ice cream so much and each one of us has our favourite nostalgic flavour, but one flavour everyone loves is Strawberry Ice Cream. Home-made Strawberry Ice Cream that is!

The best part, is that you don’t need any fancy ice cream machine or equipment.  A mixer, a pan, and a freezer is all the equipment you need to churn out the most delicious, and fresh no-churn strawberry ice cream that will ever grace your palate.

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When Father's Day falls on your Anniversary: how to make both special

When Father’s Day Falls on your Anniversary: How to Make Both Special

June 13, 2016 in Family

Some special occasions just can’t stay put and Father’s Day is one of them! One year Father’s Day is on the 21st of June and the next year it’s on the 19th. When you decide to get married in June like we did, you never think about your anniversary falling at the same time as Father’s Day, and who would? I know I didn’t! Looking back now, I see why that date was mysteriously wide open..  As the happiest day of your life turns into the day you celebrate the man of your life for being a fantastic father, it may be hard to make both celebrations feel special.

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Win Bedtime Battles with Your Toddler

Win Bedtime Battles with Your Pre-Schooler

May 16, 2016 in Family

Are you in the heat of bedtime battles with your pre-schooler? Threenagers and fournados (ages 3 to 4) are tough ages, not only is your pre-schooler starting to test their body limits and boundaries with you as the parent, the transition from day care to elementary school, they are also struggling with sleep issues that stem from regular development at this age. I have a total sleep bandit on my hands who constantly wakes up multiple times throughout the night.  I admit, we may have spoiled him as a baby knowing he was probably going to be our last; bedtime cuddles and co-sleeping are tough habits to break free of without making the little one feel rejected and castaway. Whether you are trying to teach your child to sleep through the night or actually go to sleep, we have some tips for you that will help you win bedtime battles with your pre-schooler.

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Nutella Macarons Recipe

Hit That Chocolate Spot with Nutella Macarons

February 5, 2016 in Sweets & Treats

There are some days where all I want to do is eat Chocolate.  Okay, there are more days than I’d like to admit that I wish I could eat Chocolate. It’s an ongoing battle I fight internally.  The good news is science is confirming the benefits of Chocolate.  Especially on days like today.   Sure, the weather is unusually fantastic here in Canada for February, but I still can’t shake my SAD (seasonal anxiety disorder).   In an attempt to remedy this, I booked a flight to the Caribbean; not even joking.

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